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All projects first will come to me, Terez, and I will decide whether Jael or I would be the appropriate writer for the job. If you specifically would like to request one of us for your project, please contact me with details.

Terez Howard
I have a strong background in journalism. I worked for three newspapers over the course of seven years and was a newspaper editor for nearly three of those years. As an editor, I, armed with an AA in Communications, proofread manuscripts to make them readable and fit proper English grammar according to the AP Stylebook, while maintaining the voice of the original writer.

As a blogger and online entrepreneur, I understand the importance of creating compelling Web copy and solid content.  Nowadays, people want to feel like they are having a personal conversation with someone they can trust. I take a walk in your readers’ shoes and create content that gives you their trust.

My specialty is writing for the black natural hair care community.

Check out my writing samples and contact me to discuss how I can help your business step up a notch with a conversational blog.

Jael Strong
I have experience as both an English educator and as a professional proofreader.  With a background in proofreading, writing, and education, I recognize the need to convey thoughts in an original and creative way without sacrificing technical accuracy.  Experience working with professionals to compose quality content coupled with a BA in English equips me to create a premium product for you. 

It is my passion as a blogger to compose content driven by creativity. It is always my goal to draw readers with information they can use presented in a manner that they can enjoy reading.