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Why hire the write bloggers?

We are the right bloggers for your job! Do you want to inspire your readers to trust in your company? Do you need your potential customers to believe your organization tops competition? Would you like for these consumers to rely on your company for valuable information? As professional bloggers, we breathe life into your business.

By presenting your news, product or brainchild clearly and accurately, we write gripping copy that exudes the power to make readers have faith in your company. Our experience in diverse writing styles and passion for writing combine to produce the appropriate tone for your audience.

Blogging is our specialty 

We blog for businesses who don’t have the time to create fresh, original content. As professional bloggers, we serve as a bridge between your company and the public by writing industry news, company news, educational information and more for your members, clients, customers and readers.

A business blog not only communicates vital information, but also increases your company’s net visibility, creates high quality backlinks and generates reader feedback.

But say you want to do all of the writing for your business blog.  We can still help you!  We can writing original content for blogs within your niche that link back to your blog.  We search for high PR blogs relevant to your niche and post content, approved by you first, to these blogs.

What can blogging do for you?

Business execs, CEOs and small business owners don’t have the time to script blog posts. Honestly, their time is better spent on other business matters.

When we blog, we:

  • Transform business news into conversational pieces for your readers.
  • Create informational posts which prompt the trust of potential customers.
  • Give your company’s name an authoritative presence with original, well-researched work.
  • Make your business the talk of the net by posting on relevant niche blogs
  • Interview company employees and employers about new services or products.
  • And much more!

Say yes to a business blog if:

  • Your audience is attracted to reading blogs.
  • Blogs influence your audience.
  • Your audience communicates through blogs.
  • You want a professional blogger to reach your audience through an informative, practical means.
  • Check out our blog to see if our writing style meets the needs of your business.

What you get

With our blog rate, you get creative, personal blog posts. We require that an author byline (such as, By Terez Howard) appears above the blog post.  Our rate also includes finding and posting to relevant blogs in your niche!

Finding images, following up on comments and marketing through social media are services not included with our rate.

If you would like for us to handle all or some of the previous services, you have to secure a monthly blogging contract. With this contract, we will write up all the details, including the number of images, comments, etc., and quote a price.

Business blog posts can be ordered:

  • Per post
  • Bulk number of posts (We do not have bulk rates).

Receive a custom quote by contacting us.