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Are your readers clicking away from your website because they cannot grasp the purpose of your material? Do you need another pair of eyes to polish up your articles? Do you struggle with writing correct English grammar?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need a trained proofreader to piece together your puzzle of words and paragraphs and create readable and engaging content.

What can proofreading do for you?

A professional proofreader can transform a painting into a masterpiece.

If readers cannot make it through your material because of incorrect grammar, punctuation and spelling, they will NOT buy into your product or services. You lose credibility if potential customers cannot understand what you’re trying to say. Errors can cause educated writers to appear unprofessional.

Don’t let your copy cost you sales!

We especially cater to people who speak English as a second language. Non-native English writers may be losing readers because their work is difficult to understand. Approximately half of all Google searches are performed in English. You want to make sure native English readers not only understand what you’re saying, but are moved to act on what they read.

Even great writers recognize the value of a second set of eyes. We’re here to make great writers and amateur writers even better at what they do.

What you get

With our proofreading rate (link), we will:

  • Correct punctuation, spelling and grammar.
  • Remove wordiness.
  • Suggest sentence reorganization and wording changes.
  • Suggest deletions, additions and reordering of material.
  • Make the tone suit your audience.
  • Locate unclear or missing details and ask the writer for additional information.

All proofreading services must be ordered per page. Pages must be single-spaced, with size 12 font in Times New Roman. One-half or longer pages are priced as a full page. A page shorter than one-half will cost half of our page rate.

Contact us now with details on your proofreading project, and we will give you a custom quote and availability. Remember, all first-time clients get half off their first order!